Corcept Therapeutics Incorporated (NASDAQ:CORT) Commences Relacorilant’s Phase 3 Clinical Trial In Patients Suffering From Cushing’s Syndrome

Corcept Therapeutics Incorporated (NASDAQ:CORT) started phase 3 clinical study of Relacorilant in patients who suffer from Cushing’s syndrome. As part of this study, the company enrolled the first patient in the GRADIENT.

CMO of Corcept, Andreas Grauer said the company is pleased to enroll a patient in a placebo-controlled and double-blind phase 3 clinical study of innovative formulation – Relacorilant in people suffering from Cushing’s syndrome. Hyperplasia or adrenal adenomas cause Cushing’s syndrome.


Cushing’s syndrome caused by adrenal adenomas leads to poor health outcomes in patients. Corcept’s first systematic study of benefits enjoyed by the patients through administering Relacorilant is called GRADIENT. It will help the physicians to offer the best care to the patients.

Enrolls 130 patients in Europe and the US

Corcept will enroll 130 patients in the GRADIENT in Europe and the US. In Phase 3 clinical study, the company will administer a placebo to half of the patients for 6 months and Relacorilant to balance 63 patients.

Posts a growth of 23%

Corcept posted a growth of 23% YoY to $88.6 million in Q2 2020. The company expects to post revenues of between $355 and $375 million in 2020. Several people purchased Korlym tablets in Q1 2020 to get protection from delays in the supply because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CEO of Corcept, Joseph K Belanoff, said patients suffering from Cushing syndrome are easy targets of coronavirus. He said the patient advocates, medical science liaisons, and clinical specialists played an important role in helping the physicians to offer optimal care.

Corcept enrolled patients in a controlled Phase 2 clinical study of Relacorilant and nab-paclitaxel in people with metastatic ovarian cancer. The company expects to publish the results of this clinical study in H1 2021.

Corcept commenced the Phase 3 clinical trial of Relacorilant in patients suffering from CR (castration-resistant) prostate cancer. It expects to decide the precise dose of enzalutamide and exicorilant for patients with CR prostate cancer by the year-end. Grauer said the company achieved two important milestones in developing relacorilant to cure solid tumors.

Corcept will commence a 20 patient open-label phase 1b clinical trial of relacorilant in Q3 2020 along with pembrolizumab to cure adrenal cancer.