TrialSpark Collaborates with resTORbio, Inc. (NASDAQ:TORC) and Integrates the Project Covalence Platform to Investigate RTB-101 for COVID-19

Aging is the biggest risk factor for developing a majority of chronic illnesses. However, scientific discoveries indicate that there are treatments that can prevent aging-related diseases. These discoveries have prompted a collaboration between TrialSpark and resTORbio, Inc. (NASDAQ:TORC). The two will be working together in the development of innovative treatments targeting illnesses related to aging.

Over the years, resTORbio has studied the biology of aging to expand its understanding of the biochemical pathways involved in regulating aging. The biotech has been lucky to receive an NIA grant to accelerate its investigation of RTB-101 against COVID-19. The investigation is being carried outside the hospital and within a community study.

Encouraging Results from Previous RTB-101 Clinical Studies

The RTB-101 investigation is targeting positive, asymptomatic patients and also cohabitants of patients diagnosed with COVID-19. It will be assessing its effectiveness in preventing symptom development. The good news is that previous RTB-101 clinical studies have been very encouraging. They are a source of hope for success from the upcoming study, according to Chief Medical Officer at resTORbio, Joan Mannick.

The results demonstrated a clean safety profile and a robust respiratory function, positioning RTB-101 as a promising treatment option. However, Mannick insists that there is a crucial need for more options if the burden of disease in the community is to be reduced.

The application of TrialSpark’s integrated tech platform

“Launching trials in the midst of COVID-19 is uniquely challenging given the many logistical and operational challenges…” this is according to CEO of TrialSpark, Ben Liu. However, the company says it will engage its platform, Project Covalence, to initiate rapid studies. This is expected to protect patients and subjects of study for potential exposure.

The project offers clinical operations, and logistical support required to push through a successful launch and also run COVID-19 clinical trials. It is designed to run several studies co-currently while validating new treatments, diagnostics, and vaccines. The RTB-101 investigation will be the second to run on the platform since it was launched on June 16.

Liu says the use of the Project Covalence is one way of supporting biotechs seeking to accelerate the fight against COVID-19.