Preclinical Results for a Novel COVID-19 Vaccine from Soligenix, Inc. Common Stock (NASDAQ:SNGX) are Promising; a Publication Reports

There are so many programs seeking a vaccine for COVID-19. The global population and the pharmaceutical industry are so expectant of a timely solution. However, some of these solutions can only be accomplished through parallel and collaborative approaches. In line with this, Soligenix, Inc. Common Stock (NASDAQ:SNGX) has had its preclinical immunogenicity studies for its CiVax program published.

The preclinical results of the novel vaccine are encouraging having demonstrated robust immunity of both broad-spectrum antibody and cell-mediated adjuvant

The Evaluation of the Feasibility of a Broad Immunogenic Vaccine

Collaboration is supposed to accelerate the completion of any project with success because the collaborators tap into each other’s expertise. This is what the publication’s collaborators at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (UHM) have done. The team is seeking to take control of a significant part of the ongoing worldwide research and development efforts of COVID-19 vaccines.

They are taking on an enhanced evaluation of the feasibility of possible development of an extensive immunogenic vaccine for COVID-19. However, the primary focus is on the essential attributes, which include the vaccine’s ability to control the spread of viruses versus the ability to stimulate a well-adjusted antibody reaction.

Together with its collaborators, Soligenix has been able to demonstrate these attributes in the context of SARS-CoV-2. They have done this using a protein subunit prototype antigen, which has revealed signs of a rapid onset of immunity evident within 14 days after the first vaccination.

The Impact of Developing a Vaccine with an Enriched Stability

A majority of the RNA and DNA vaccines in the market today are manufactured with intensified speed. Unfortunately, they lack regulatory precedent. To avoid this, Soligenix will be using its ThermoVax technology, which makes it unique in the use of a well-established and safe subunit platform.

The use of enriched technology has a positive impact. This explains Soligenix’s preparedness to meet many challenges associated with the development and bring into the market a safe, effective, and viable COVID-19 vaccine. This also adds hope to the need for multiple vaccines expected to slow or stop the rapid spread of the virus.