Oral PTH from Entera Bio Ltd. (NASDAQ:ENTX) Described by Clinicians as a Potential Game-Changer to Treat Moderate to Severe Osteoporosis

Entera Bio Ltd. (NASDAQ:ENTX) has been carrying out two studies of an orally-delivered parathyroid hormone product. The aim of the studies carried out through a third party was to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the value and potential market of the treatment of osteoporosis. The results from a survey of populations, which comprised of clinicians are encouraging according to the company.

One study surveyed clinicians in Europe, Canada, and the US, while the other was carried out in Japan. There had to be a frequent prescription of osteoporosis products by the study subjects who included orthopedists, gynecologists, endocrinologists, and general practitioners. On the other hand, over 70% of the osteoporosis patients had to suffer from moderate to severe osteoporosis.

The Data from the Global Market Study Certifies the Value Proposition of the Drug Candidate

The typical of precaution for treating moderate to severe osteoporosis is the use of injectable osteoanabolic products. Unfortunately, according to Entera CEO, Adam Gridley, only about 5% of patients receive the treatment. Perhaps because of the pain, the high cost, and inconvenience associated with it.

Nonetheless, Gridley claimed that the global market survey was important because the data from it validates the company’s EB613 oral PTH as a potential treatment for osteoporosis.

“The results of this market analysis confirm Entera’s view that an oral PTH tablet meets an unmet physician and patient need and can potentially grow the number of patients receiving treatment…’’ the CEO emphasized.

The Availability of an Oral PTH Will Grow the Practice of a Majority of Clinicians 

The approval of the oral spray will not only benefit patients with severe osteoporosis, according to Entera’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Arthur Santora. Hundreds of clinicians will also benefit from the data collected. Santora says the transformative impact the drug has displayed clinicians will enhance the clinicians’ practice.

Some of those surveyed indicated that it would be a game-changer. They asserted that the drug would enable them to prescribe to patients with more confidence. Additionally, it would serve as an alternative to patients who are financially constrained and those who are needle-phobic.