INmune Bio Inc (NASDAQ:INMB) Releases Preliminary Data From XPro1595 Phase 1B Demonstrating Reduced Neuroinflammation In Alzheimer’s Patients

Inmune Bio Inc (NASDAQ:INMB) recently published initial data from its Phase 1B clinical study evaluating XPro1595’s ability to ease neuroinflammation in patients who have Alzheimer’s.

The preliminary data from the study shows that XPro1595, which is Inmune Bio’s lead pipeline drug, has a significant ability to lower white matter free water. The latter is a neuroinflammation biomarker that is vital in the study and observed using an MRI. XPro1595 is an advanced tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitor whose mechanism works by neutralizing TNF, which is soluble.

TNF is an inflammatory cytokine that is usually associated with Alzheimer’s disease. XPro1595 neutralizes it without affecting the TNF receptors or the transmembrane TNF. The preliminary data was collected from six Alzheimer’s patients treated with XPro1595 for 12 weeks. Inmune Bio researchers compared the data with data collected from 25 other Alzheimer’s disease patients who were part of the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) database and whose data was collected for 12 weeks.

The data revealed that patients in ADNI experienced a 5.1% increase in inflammation while patients treated with XPro1595 in the Phase 1B study had a 2.3% decrease in inflammation when treated with 1.0mg/kg of XPro1595. Patients treated with 0.3mg/kg of the developmental treatment experienced a 1.7% increase in neuroinflammation.

“We are extremely encouraged by these findings at such an early stage in our clinical trial,” stated Inmune Bio’s director of Neuroscience, CJ Barnum.

Dr. Barnum noted that in addition to reduced neuroinflammation, the data also allowed the researchers to pinpoint exactly where the inflammation was occurring. Through this information, they can tell which aspects of cognition will be affected by the inflammation.

Dr. Sharon Cohen, a medical director, and neurologist at Toronto Memory Program, highlighted the importance of the data provided by Inmune Bio’s phase 1b clinical trial of XPro1595. She stated that the data is vital because it adds to a growing library of neuroinflammation data that makes it easier to treat Alzheimer’s Disease. She believes that the data may also hold the key to unlocking a treatment for the disease.