CHF Solutions Inc (NASDAQ:CHFS) Strikes Distribution Agreement Deal With RenalSense For renal Management Solutions

CHF Solutions Inc (NASDAQ:CHFS) announced earlier this month that it entered into a partnership deal that will allow it to provide real-time renal diagnostics and ultrafiltration solutions produced by RenalSense.

CHF Solutions will market and sell the solutions provided by RenalSense in various U.S territories.  The solutions include the Clarity RMS real-time monitoring system, which is a vital monitoring system that is used to monitor urine flow in real-time. This includes providing notifications to medical staff if there is fluctuation in the flow rate, and this monitoring can be done on a 24/7 basis.

The monitoring system is considered vital because it allows medical staff to determine whether there is kidney injury, which is usually indicated by changes in renal function. These changes can be pinpointed or observed by the Clarity RMS monitoring system. This type of solution allows for rapid intervention in the event of any changes, thus lowering the patient’s risk.

CHF Solutions also has a rapid intervention solution that can be used in case Clarity RMS observes a change in renal function. The solution is an ultrafiltration system called Aquadex SmartFlow, an ideal complementary solution for Clarity RMS. When combined, the two become quite a strong offering for the renal market.

“At CHF Solutions, we continue to evaluate innovative products and tools that advance the quality of care clinicians can offer their patients,” stated CHF Solutions CEO John Erb.

Mr. Erb also stated that early intervention saves lives. He added that RenalSense has developed a solution designed to help healthcare providers initiate rapid prevention actions as early as possible. He also pointed out that his company’s collaboration with RenalSense highlights their commitment toward facilitating healthcare improvements.

RenalSense CEO Avi Kleiman also pointed out that the two companies’ common goal is to facilitate real-time monitoring of fluid status and urine output in the ICU and the OR. Kleiman also acknowledged the partnership with CHF Solutions as a positive step for Clarity RMS distribution in the U.S. Both CHF Solutions and RenalSense believe that the distribution of the renal management solutions will significantly improve how healthcare providers monitor patients.