Editas Medicine Inc (NASDAQ:EDIT) Strikes Multi-Year Deal With Azzur Group For EDIT-201 and EDIT-301 Production

Editas Medicine Inc (NASDAQ:EDIT) recently announced that it signed a multi-year deal with Azzur Group, facilitating the production of pipeline treatments at current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)-compliant clean-room space.

The multi-year agreement will allow Editas Medicine to leverage Azzur’s space for the early-stage and preclinical production of cell medicines such as EDIT-201 and EDIT-301. The latter is being developed as a treatment for sickle cell disease while the former is under development as a beta-thalassemia therapy. The multi-year deal will allow Editas to use Azzur’s clean-room space that is cGMP-compliant at Azzur’s facility in Waltham.

“Manufacturing and quality management are both essential components of making medicines,” stated Harry Gill, the Vice President of Operations at Editas.

Mr. Gill further pointed out that Azzur’s cleanrooms, which are available on-demand, provide Editas with dedicated production space for its early-stage and preclinical production activities. This is important, especially as Editas continues to advance the development of numerous innovative cell therapies that aim to provide relief to patients with unmet medical needs. He also noted that the cGMP-compliant cleanrooms will provide the necessary control and flexibility that Editas needs to advance the development of the treatments.

Azzur expresses excitement to be playing a part in Editas’ developments

Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand president Ravi Samavedam stated that the company is committed to providing the necessary assistance that companies need to fast-track their developments. The clean-rooms provide companies with the necessary space and resources to work with. When pharmaceuticals have access to such resources without the commitment to develop their own production space for clinical trials, they can save time and resources. This, in turn, allows them to focus on therapy development and also fast-tracking the entire process.

Some of the resources and services that Azzur provides to companies include material management services, consulting, asset management, and facility management. Mr. Ravi Samavedam also stated that his company was excited to provide its services to Editas in their pursuit of advancing multiple innovative therapies. The partnership between the two companies will extend for multiple years as per their new agreement.