Pulmatrix Inc. (NASDAQ:PULM) Partners with Sensory Cloud under a License Agreement for Marketing and Distribution of NasoCalm

The continuous evolvement of the COVID-19 pandemic has turned to be a worrying status to many nations. This has brought an urgent need for interventions with practical means to curb the rapid spread of the disease. Over the past several months, several pharmaceutical companies have been putting every single effort into developing solutions. For example, Pulmatrix Inc. (NASDAQ:PULM) is collaborating with Sensory Cloud, Inc. through a License Agreement.

In their work together, the biopharmaceutical company will out-license intellectual rights to Sensory Cloud for commercial sales and FEND’s worldwide distribution. This is a brand name used by Sensory Cloud for NasoCalm proprietary formulations, an over counter nasal hygiene product.

Pulmatrix Is Eager To Use Its Experience to Combat the Rapidly Emerging COVID-19

According to the CEO of Pulmatrix Ted Raad, NasoCalm developed years ago and was considered a prospective anti-infective biodefense medical product. “With results that show reduced viral progression and contagion in animal models,… we believe NasoCalm may be a tool to manage the spread of COVID-19.” Raad highlighted.

The CEO of Sensory Cloud, David Edwards, acknowledged the move made by Pulmatrix, citing that the company’s hygiene product was unique. Additionally, the Sensory Cloud platform would be ideal for bringing and fast-tracking the product to healthcare workers and front lines.

If found effective and safe, NasoCalm would become an over–counter option and if used with other PPE such as face masks. This would benefit a wider population already suffering from the effects of this pandemic, which has shattered millions of lives.

The development of innovative and inhaled therapies

Pulmonary and non-pulmonary diseases are no longer new to the world today. They are so common such that they are quickly becoming a global healthcare crisis. However, the good news is that biopharmaceutical companies are discovering new technology every day of developing inventive inhaled therapies.

Pulmatrix says its focus is still on enlarging its proprietary product pipeline to advanced treatments such as Pulmazole. The company’s products are based on iSPERSE technology. On the other hand, Sensory Cloud has been working with pioneering discoveries to resolve problems of human healthcare.