BridgeBio Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ:BBIO) Partners With Institutions On Development Of Genetically Driven Disease Therapies

BridgeBio Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ:BBIO) has announced the signing of collaboration agreements with John Hopkins University and the University of Florida to advance treatments for genetically driven ailments. The institutions will offer support in translating innovations on genetically driven diseases into clinical development and the possibility of commercialization of new therapies.

BridgeBio to the leverage research expertise of institutions to advance gene therapies

The collaboration will leverage the prowess of the institutions in studying genetically driven diseases, including their capabilities in gene therapy. Equally, the partnership will leverage the company’s expertise in advancing novel therapies from academic lab innovations through preclinical trials into in-human testing. The company believes that often there is a lot of promising academic research sitting on shelves lacking partners to advance it. BridgeBio’s goal is to bring this kind of research forward through partnerships with institutions with a mission of translating the research into useful therapies.

Neil Kumar, the CEO and founder of BridgeBio stated that they are delighted to collaborate with John Hopkins University, a pioneer in the understanding of Mendelian disease. Kumar added that they expect the partnership to enable the company to advance innovations created in the institutions’ labs and support efforts to translate the work into meaningful therapies for patients.

Regarding the collaboration with the University of Florida, The CEO also lauded the institution as a leader in genetically driven disease research. More so on gene therapy. He added that they were pleased and eager to work with the institution to advance possible therapies for patients in need.

BridgeBio to sponsor research programs in the institutions

The company will sponsor some select research programs on genetically driven diseases, focusing on small and large molecules and gene therapies. Similarly, BridgeBio will also offer guidance on the sponsored programs regarding strategies of formulating or modifying potential therapies, medicinal chemistry on small molecule hit optimization as well as testing approaches for non-optimized vital vectors. Equally, the company may also carry out proof of concept studies for top therapeutic compounds in important mammalian models.