Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:TTNP) Enters Co-Promotion Partnership Deal For Probuphine Implant With Indegene

Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:TTNP) has announced that it has signed a co-promotion partnership agreement with Indegene Inc. The partnership is meant to establish multichannel online marketing programs across the US as well as expand the engagement capabilities of eligible health care providers that can prescribe the company’s Probuphine implant (buprenorphine).

Indegene to accelerate the promotion of Probuphine

Probuphine, which is developed by Titan, is currently the only subdermal implant designed to deliver buprenorphine for up to six months after insertion continuously. It is developed through ProNeura, which is a Titan-developed drug delivery system. Indegene, a leading healthcare solutions provider, will complement and expedite the build-out of Titan’s ongoing commercial operations.

According to the term of the four-year agreement, Indegene will be vital in helping in the expansion of the Probuphine Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) training of HCPs through its multichannel marketing, social media campaign, and predictive analysis tools. This will also enhance the expansion of Probuphine maintenance treatment for qualified Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) patients. On the other hand, Titan will focus on its field commercial sales efforts.

Sunil Bhonsle, the CEO and President of Titan, indicated that the partnership strengthens and expands its commercial activities of Probuphine amid COVID-19 restrictions. The restrictions have restricted in-person healthcare providers’ outreach capabilities. The CEO added that with Indegene’s expertise, the company will be able to expand its capabilities to enhance Probuphine access to eligible OUD patients.

Titan launched Probuphine REMS training

Recently Titan launched a virtual Probuphine implant REMS certification n and training program for eligible HCPs treating OUD patients. The FDA approved the virtual REMS training for use amid COVID-19 to support the safety of training personnel, staff, and HCPs. Currently, the program is accessible to all eligible HCPs in the US.

Kate Beeb DeVarney, the Executive VP and Chief scientific officer of Titan, indicated that the program will enable the company to certify HCPs administering and prescribing Probuphine. This will be important at a time when morbidity and mortality rates related to opioids are growing.