Aerpio Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:ARPO) To Collaborate With Quantum Leap Healthcare in Evaluation of Razuproitafib In I-SPY COVID Study

Aerpio Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:ARPO) has announced an agreement with Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative for the evaluation of razuprotafib in a randomized investigational I-SPY COVID Study for treating adult patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome in moderate-to-severe COVID-19.

COVID-19 infections resulting in ARDS in up to 10% of patients

Around 10% to 15 % of the people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 usually develop acute respiratory distress syndrome, and mortality is around 2% to 10%. Almost 70% of the coronavirus patients in ICU will require ventilation for an average of 14 days, and around half of them might not survive.

The I-SPY COVID Study aims to quickly screen various promising agents in an adaptive platform trial setting for the treatment of those who are critically ill to helping identifying agents that will effectively minimize mortality and also the need for mechanical ventilation.

Various human observational investigations, genetic studies, and preclinical models from different groups globally have concluded that vascular endothelial reception can be important against a microvascular breach in ARDS. As a result, razuprotafib might a first-in-class endothelial receptor activating component that will show efficacy and an ideal safety profile in treating if ARDS associated with COVID-19. It could be a potential therapeutic option for COVID-19 patients experiencing devastating respiratory problems.

Investigating razuprotafib in slowing progression of COVID-19

Aerpio’s study arm will evaluate the potential of razuprotafib in stabilizing pulmonary vasculature to prevent or slow the progression of coronavirus related pulmonary pathology. It will assess how it can minimize mortality as well as the need for mechanical ventilator support.

The President and founder of Aerpio, Joseph Gardner, indicated that they were delighted that razuprotafib had been chosen as part of the I-SPY clinical study. He added that this will be an opportunity to assess the drug in several coronavirus patients and thus evaluate the efficacy and safety profile of the drug to aid future developments.

Following the collaboration, Aerpio will offer regulatory and financial support as well as provide the investigational drug, while Quantum Leap will offer clinical expertise and sites.