Markets in precarious situation heading into volatility

The markets are in a precarious situation right now. We are right off all-time highs and the corona virus is spreading.

Right now, the World Health Organization does not deem the virus to be a concerning problem yet – but it’s trending in that direction.

For the markets, this issue is a two-fold problem. One, the virus can slow down the economy if people are discouraged to spend and travel. You’ll notice many of the airliners, cruise ships, hotels, and casino brands have taken a hit lately. Two, since we were at all-time highs and overbought, the market is looking for a reason to take a little dip.

In the meantime, there are 3 stocks that hit my radar:

The most recent pick is NLOK, which has been grinding along perfectly. We should get the dividend payment to us in the next couple weeks, shares will drop accordingly, and we’ll receive the payment. This is a great long term company to be in, in my opinion.

Second is Nintendo, symbol NTDOY. These shares could move around a tad, as market conditions are deteriorating right now, so I still like it very much as a “Buy” on dips. The company is transitioning its business model to add in an online subscription model – which should provide more consistent revenues longer term.

Lastly is the position I’m looking to build into a bit over time, which is KODK. The company is a lower valuation and undergoing a transition. That usually leads to volatility, but I’m comforted with the incredible levels of insider buying over the last 6 months.