Stocks in Focus (LXU, PIR, SFUN, TEDU, WKHS, GENE, CLUB)

Futures are red this morning right ahead of earning seasons which we start today with some financials. 

Some stocks that could garner attention from Wall Street are as follows:

LXU has been spiking a lot recently with the most recent from $3.50 to $5. Having returned to trendline support I’m looking for a bounce from here to the low $4’s for profit.

PIR is my favorite breakdown because it has a proven history of monstrous bounces after sharp pullbacks. However, rumors are floating of bankruptcy, though that’s nothing new for the retailer. Just the same I’ll go small just in case, probably 5k shares for me looking for profit in the middle $4’s. 


SFUN is a bull flag with range to $4, maybe even $5 but given the first move only went up a buck, I think middle $3’s would be the target here. 

TEDU is my favorite bull flag because it moved from the $.70’s to the middle $2’s and has stayed there, literally no sellers have knocked this down at all. If it holds $2.50 it’s logical to think a move to $4 is possible. 

WKHS bull flag is breaking above major resistance in the middle $3’s and there are catalysts here so I’m considering an entry with a pivot at $3.50 meaning I’d look to buy above that price and stop below it. 

GENE is by far my favorite breakout to watch right now but it is extended so that could change at any moment. If this holds in the $4.20’s it’d be a strong indication to me it wants to run for $5+ again and probably try for $6. Offering roulette is always a concern so exposure overnight would be small if at all.

CLUB is moving up again after consolidation inside the bull flag between $2.50 and $3. Range here is to $4 and strength looks good so I’ll be looking for a trade on it.