Unusual call activity (GIS, DBX, DDOG, X)

The stock market has opened up today on a positive note. Wall Street is currently eyeing SPY January 6 $324 Calls. If the SPY breaks below $323.30, a support level, then that would be a stop loss, and you could consider exiting the trade. However keep in mind, if the profit target isn’t hit within a few hours of taking the trade, price decay will impact the value of that options contract. So make sure you keep your options stop loss number in mind as you manage your trade. A savvy traders would let the markets settle in here today and see if it can hold after opening up about 150 points on the Dow Industrial.

Most Unusual Calls

585 GIS February 21 2020 $55 Calls for .62

1350 DBX February 21 2020 $20 Calls for .40

2693 DDOG January 17 2020 $40 Calls for .80

Most Unusual Puts

2056 X January 17 $10.50 Puts for .20