IPO’s to focus on today (AKRO, BCEL, PRVL, PSNL, GO, CMBM)

The futures are green this morning and after 7 straight days of new highs on the SPY and positive news out of China on tariff relief linked to Phase 1 of the trade deal things looked to keep going.

Why wouldn’t they? That said, this is a shortened week because of Christmas. Half-day tomorrow and Wednesday off with what is expected to be light volume. Light volume usually causes a rise but as we reach the end of the year, prices can get a little whacky. I’ll continue to be patient with my exits but look to make a good profit off my current positions if given the chance. See below for those positions.

IPO’s for today:
ends the lock-up period today. With only 18 million additional shares released I don’t expect much from this event. Tomorrow we have Akero Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:AKRO), Atreca Inc
(NASDAQ:BCEL), Prevail Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:PRVL), Personalis Inc (NASDAQ:PSNL) and Grocery Outlet Holding Corp (NASDAQ:GO) also ending lock up periods. I’m only expecting a potential drop out of GO as it’s up 50% from the IPO price and has over 70 million shares coming to market. I’ll keep my eye on this one today to see if the chart shows strength or another reason to bet against it.